Archer's short film Carnival Daydream is an ode to the first taste of independence you experience as a preteen, sans parental supervision, around your crush. For Kristyna, this rite of passage happened at the local carnival. Why parents thought they could safely dump their 11-year-olds at the local fair - I don't know.  But it was the most exciting, tantalizing FIRST TASTE OF FREEDOM you have ever experienced up until that point in life. Archer wanted to encapsulate that moment of her youth, running rampant, wild, and free at the carnival, causing trouble, kissing boys, taking drags of cigarettes, where it felt like anything was possible.  Oh wait, this just in - I stand corrected, anything is still possible.  


Director Kristyna Archer
Project Carnival Daydream
DP Keon Javanshir
Editor Marcus Sotelo 
Illustrator Elisa Cox
Animator Alec van Staveren
Colorist Brandon Dolson
Set Designer Sarah Sloane
Sound Designer Jenni Sloane
Food Stylist Jessica Boone
Balloon Artist Shana @Nifty Balloons
Producer Torrey Nichols