I embarked on a 30-day creation challenge at my home studio where I capture a stop-motion or live-action scene everyday with the constraints of quarantine. The series evolved into a day-in-the-life of the Covid-19 particle. The art direction is from my personal prop collection or any home decor furniture pieces that could make for an interesting composition. The only real question becomes how deep is the well to my imagination? The self-assigned challenge is an exercise in looking at things differently, repurposing old items in new ways, and overall has been a healthy, liberating way to put down devices and shut off the overwhelming newsfeed. Follow my journey and view all the BTS timelapses of my home studio quarantine creations in the highlights section of my IG.  


Director/Photographer/Stylist/Editor Kristyna Archer
Project Covid-19 Chronicles - Quarantine Creations