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Kristyna Archer conceived, wrote, and directed this important historical film, to enlighten on how far back in time eyerolls have been recorded in history. Her thesis underscores they are clearly an INTEGRAL part of modern human interaction.
Bahaha, ok not exactly, it's hard to explain. We believe the idea for the film may have been sparked when doing research on optical illusions for a separate project, and naturally that spiraled into a cheeky ironic fictional storyline about the history of eyerolls, and soon become a DISSERTATION on how eyerolls combat violence and make the world a better place in the most epically passive-aggressive way.  Chew on that creative stream of consciousness roller coaster ride.  The question is, does anyone read these blurbs anyway, Bueller?


Writer/Director Kristyna Archer
Project A Brief History of the Eyeroll
Producer Eleanor Wilson
Editor Alex Fischer
Animator Liliana Penagos
Typography Design B. Kaspr
DP Michael Lockridge
Composer Cassandra Cymbal
Production Designer Kiki Stevens