A revealing battle royale of vices through a cutthroat match of musical chairs. Who will conquer all?

My intention for this short film when we rolled camera 8 months ago in August 2019, was to showcase powerful strong female characters of color, contextualize visually an inner battle over negative thought patterns, and give hope you can persevere and overcome them.  Now releasing this in an entirely different climate in June 2020, it may take on another meaning.  


Director Kristyna Archer
Project Musical Chairs: A Battle Royale
Editor Kate Owen-Lloyd @wax
Colorist Greg Reese @a52
VFX Elad Offer
Title Design Syd Rein
DP Heather Sommerfield
Choreographer Genna Moroni
Production Design Jack Reed
Wardrobe Stylist Holly Copeland
Producer by Ashley Hillis
Post-Producer Betsy Beale